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All our eggs are collected daily.

We store them tip down at room temperature.

We will guarantee that our eggs will reach you intact but unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that eggs will hatch.

We have no control over what happens to them once they are posted.

We post Monday to Thursday as we do not want the eggs to sit in the mail for the weekend.

We post them out within 48 hours of collecting in polystyrene boxes with tissues inserted to ensure they are not damaged in transit.

We also use fragile tape on the packaging. 

We hatch any egg at home that is unsold so we can keep an eye on the fertility rate. (We have between 95 and 100 percent fertility)

Our cockerels are running with their ladies in separate pens to ensure they do not escape and 'mingle' with other breeds but please let us know if there are any issues.

We have a smaller number of hens to cockerels to ensure fertility stays high.

As the eggs are perishable items, we DO NOT ACCEPT returns for these.

Please contact us to allow us to try to resolve any issues before giving us unkind feedback. In the event where there may be a problem please allow us to try to rectify this first. We are a small family run business starting out and good feedback is so important to us! 

Please use the internet at your disposal for figuring out ‘optimum hatching' whether that is under Broody Hen or the use of an incubator as this will have the biggest effect on your hatch rate! Also, the make and model of your incubator makes a difference. This is from experience; we bought a cheap one for £40 and we got nothing hatch from it at all. We would recommend Brinsea from personal experiance.

Once eggs have been received store them for 24 hours tip down before you begin your hatching process.


Please also if you are in a 'high postage area' get in touch. Unfortunately, we can only post to the United Kingdom at the moment.